Andramornaugvaeros - The High Crown

The head of the Dragon Council


Vaeros is a gold dragon of great compassion and intellect. From his perspective, it is only right that the Dragon Kings rule over the lesser races. Without the benefit of the Council’s wisdom, the humans, elves and such of Fenume would fall into chaos, barely able to eek out a meager existence. This is how Vaeros found them, after all.

Through the High Crown’s sheer benevolence, Adolgras is now home to one of the largest cities in the entire archipelago, where before there was nothing but a collection of hovels and farms barely feeding those who dwelt within. Through his patronage, the arts have flourished, giving rise to some of the greatest artisans to have existed in more than a century. Through his generosity, even the poorest among the citizenry can obtain poultices, potions and remedies for most any ailment.

It is only right that such a grand and altruistic being spread his good will to all who are within his power. He needs protect them from all who would seek to do them harm, even should—most especially should—that harm come from the people themselves. No being should ever suffer while Adramornaugvaeros is capable of preventing it.

Andramornaugvaeros - The High Crown

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