Alaertharurwyr - The Copper King

The weakest of Fenume's Five Dragon Kings


A copper dragon of little ambition, Laerth contents himself “playing the fool” and giving the impression that he is a slacker layabout rather than a king of any consequence. Although, in spite of this demeanor, his kingdom of Sigilard fared reasonably well before the unification that created Fenume. His people wanted for little and were generally content with his rule.

Unlike the other Dragon Kings, Laerth had no desire for conquest during the Dragon Wars. That is not to say that his troops didn’t engage in any fighting—that would have made him appear weak and brought the ire of all four of his peers down upon him. Nay, the armies of Sigilard marched far and often, but only to aid in whichever side it amused Laerth to support at the time. These actions prevented any of the other Dragon Kings from gaining to much power, kept Sigilard from being sacked, and ensured that the common people of the realm were always well supported.

Since the creation of Fenume, the Copper King has made himself a nuisance to the Dragon Council more often than not. But no matter how annoyed his fellows might become, none of the other kings would dare to suggest that he be removed. All to often, the humiliations visited upon one of the kings will raise the fortunes of another or the council as a whole, thusly making Alaertharurwyr a tolerable, if not desired, presence.

Alaertharurwyr - The Copper King

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